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Welcome to the Language Training Institute

Why study a language? Isn't it hard work?

More quickly than almost any other kind of study, learning a new language leads you to a different way of seeing the world. New language opens possibilities for cultural understanding and the exchange of ideas. If you want to stretch your mind, travel the world, or seek global opportunities, study a language. It will take you places!

The Language Training Institute at Simon Fraser University offers comprehensive preparation in several major world languages.  Our courses will enable you to communicate in daily situations with the language you have learned.  You will also gain a good understanding of how the language works, so that you can use it with confidence.  Finally, you will be introduced to the rich and complex cultures of the peoples who use the language.

Our instructors are experts in language and teaching methodologies, with many years of experience and wide cultural knowledge to give depth to your learning. With classroom fluency practice, specialized facilities in the Language Learning Centre, and a wealth of learning resources on the Web, you will find language learning at SFU a challenging and rewarding experience.

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