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Other Languages

PERS 118-3 Introduction to Persian I
PERS 168-3 Introduction to Persian II                                 PERS 200-3 Intermediate Persian PERS 201-3 Intermediate Persian II    

                                              ARAB 134-3 Introduction to Classical Arabic I                           LANG 148-3 Introduction to Classical Arabic II

LANG 148-3 Introduction to Punjabi I


Students who are unsure about their language levels for Persian or Arabic classes should contact rmehri@sfu.ca to arrange a placement interview.


Students who are unsure about their language levels for Punjabi classes should contact pdhariwa@sfu.ca to arrange a placement interview.



PERS 118-3 

Introduction to Persian I

Offered in Fall 2017

Introduction to Persian I teaches you the Persian alphabet along with its phonology, morphology, and basic syntax. You will learn basic reading and writing skills and how to translate simple sentences. References to Persian history and culture will accentuate understanding of the language. Students with any prior knowledge or experience in Persian beyond the level of this course may not register in this course. Students who have taken LANG 118 with this topic may not take this course for further credit.

PERS 168-3 

Introduction to Persian II

The chief aim of PERS 168 is to increase student efficiency in the reading of simple texts, in writing, and in building conversation skills. It develops a vocabulary of standard Persian in preparation for advanced reading and comprehension of both literary texts and colloquial Persian. This is accomplished by learning such skills as scanning, skimming, taking notes, and interpreting authentic texts. Persian grammar and vocabulary are major emphases of this course.

PERS 200-3 

Intermediate Persian I

Persian 200 is a practical language course that supports Persian language learners at pre-intermediate and high elementary levels to upgrade their knowledge of Persian language to lower intermediate and intermediate levels.  The focus of the course will be on standard and academic Persian, though colloquial Persian will be introduced.  Students at this level are expected to know grammatical aspects and language structure introduced in PERS 118 and PERS 168.  Though the primary focus of the course is on reading and writing skills, there is some emphasis on speaking and listening skills.  An additional focus is on cultural learning.  By the end of this course, students will be able to read and write in Farsi at an intermediate level.

PERS 201-3

Intermediate Persian II

Persian 201 is a continuation of PERS 200.  Students at this level are expected to know the Persian language proficiency (grammatical aspects and language structure, vocabulary, language proficiency skills, etc) introduced in PERS 118, 168, 200).  The course will continue to help learners with mastering the Persian language in order to manage their communication needs once they are in a Persian speaking community or environment.  

ARAB 134-3

Introductory Arabic I

Offered in Fall 2017

ARAB 134-4 is a first term language course that will develp basic oral and written skills.  Students will learn to pronouce and distinguish among Arabic sounds, write the Arabic Alphabet, to converse at a basic level and to begin to express themselves using elementary Arabic vocabulary mostly related to everyday life.

Note that this course is an Introductory Arabic language course, students with a competence in the language beyond the level of this course will be require to withdraw.

ARAB 148-3

Introduction to Classical Arabic II

ARAB 148-3 is the continuation of ARAB 134.  Students will continue to develop basic oral and written skills.  They will also learn to converse at an elementary level and begin to express themselves using Arabic vocabulary and verbs mostly related to everyday life.

LANG 148-3

Introduction to Punjabi I

Offered in Fall 2017 (at the Surrey campus)

Students will learn to read and write Punjabi at a basic level.  They will also learn basic vocabulary that will allow them to ask questions that would be helpful to everyday situations.  This course will explore and offer an understanding of Punjabi culture as well.

Students who have taken grade 12 Punjabi are not eligible for this course. If you have less experience/knowledge than the grade 12 level, please contact the instructor for an assessment to see if you are eligible. Please note that this course is intended for students with little or no prior Punjabi language knowledge.